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First off, Happy Holidays everyone. Hope everyone is taking some time to enjoy family and other blessings in your life this season.  We are trying to the best we can with all the craziness going on here. So since finding out that I am heading to the farm the day after Thanksgiving (blessings), and a week later having signed a lease for a place to live, things are moving really fast. Which is a good thing, but having to pack everything up knowing you are moving in less then a month is really a bit stressful. For those just joining us, I'v'e been selected as an apprentice through a group called Grassworks (, here in Wisconsin. Finally getting to live out my dreams of farming. Honestly, up until two months ago, I had given up on this dream as we all know the barriers to entry are tough.  But, at a family reunion this summer, my uncle told me, "if you want something bad enough you will make it happen".  And those words really ring true.  Just takes time, support, and hard work. So this post is more of a reminder to people then an update about what is going on here. If you don't farm, but want to, GO DO IT! Might take some digging, asking questions, and time. Just remember to look for things that maybe aren't traditional in a sense. That's what is getting our family there, see what you can do! I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season, and remember to be thankful for the gifts that have been given to you!

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Comment by Matt on December 9, 2012 at 7:16am

Congrats!  and good luck with everything, hope you can farm on your own soon!


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