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Dear Jeff
Thanx a lot for the encouragement.
Iam called dr Patrick Sekimpi m a farmer and orthopedic surgeon. I was born and raised in Uganda in a small town near the capital Kampala with six siblings 2 boys and 3 girls. I am at present practicing at the Makerere university college of health sciences as a lecture and operate on many victims of road traffic accidents weekly ,as I do farming on days aim not in theatre, but would like to develop into full time farming in the next five years with minimal surgery and teaching. Iam married to Carole for nine years and she works for an HIV /aids care program. We are blessed with three beautiful daughters.
My parents used to do small subsistence farming from which we got the skills and food at that time.
As time passed land has become scarce due to the rapid population growth but at the same time there is food shortage with many starving and over farming their land.
The reason iam going into farming is that I will be able to have a greater impact to many more families both by example and actually feeding Them as a way of avoiding food chrisis in this region. Much as farming is the major income activity for more than 80% in this region it's been left for the peasant elderly people and on a very small scale .
I decided to start dedicating my income to develop into a farmer first by buying 30 acres on which to then 15 more and hope to keep adding more. a mixture of corn and animals (hog) is what I want to settle with. I have so far run the farm mainly using hand laborers but would like to develop more modern methods.
Thanx again and looking forward to learning and sharing with you the experiences . I have enjoyed the info on the website and look forward to the collaboration with farmers in the Iowa and other parts of the us


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Comment by Michael Lewis on April 30, 2012 at 9:52pm

Good Luck to you Patrick.  Wish you and your family the best.  Let us know if we can help.


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