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Getting Ready for the Blitz Next Week

It is the middle of May and we are half done with soyben planting. We have not planted one single seed of corn. Our fields we were going to plant corn in have been wet all spring long. We started planting beans the last week of April and have planted about 500 ac.

I started last monday planting beans about 6PM. I planted all night long and finished with the 200 ac farm about 8AM the next morning. I moved the rig to another farm about 20 miles away. My dad started planing while I took the seed tender to the farm to refill. When I was on the way back dad called and told me he was stuck.

Went to a neighbors place and got a tractor and pulled dad out. I had to go back to town for the evening to give a presentation. After my presentation I started back to the field but dad said he had damaged one of the row units on the planter crossing a wash. I ended up finally getting some sleep about 2AM Wednesday morning. I had worked 44 hours straight.............sometimes it just has to get done.

Got some more planting in on Wednesday evening just before the rain came. Rains rolled in Wednesday evening about dark so I went with Scott to a partners house to look at some logs for the new beef company we are starting. We are finishing our steers and retailing the meat to the local market.

Everything is wet around here, we got 2 inches of rain over the weekend. Next week is calling for dry conditions. We should be ready for an all out blitz next week to finish up and finally get some corn in the ground.

"East Fork Beef.........from plate to mouth, the best trip you will ever take"

"From the East Fork to YOUR Fork................East Fork Beef"

We are trying to come up with a catchy phrase for our company. Any ideas let me know.

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Comment by Shane on May 17, 2009 at 7:50am
Yea, I hear a lot about grass fed beef..........I have no experience in that area so I prolly shouldnt comment other than to say I dont plan on over having any experience in grass fed beef..........I will leave that to you lol. We have been finishing steers on corn for over 40 years and have built a good customer base..........we just recently decided to test the retail market instead of selling halves and quarters. We sell to several resturants, still trying to get set up at the farmers markets though, seems like everyone wants to buy flowers and produce at the farmers markets.

Any experience at selling your beef over the internet?


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