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Farmer Manager position open in Gilbert, LA

Looking for a Farmer Manager for a farm in Gilbert, LA.   Must have minimum of 10 years of farm management experience, including experience managing a team.  Should also have a strong agricultural background with production experience.   Bachelor's degree in an agricultural field, with agronomy or crop science major/focus.   Must obtain a current Louisiana private pesticide license.  Salary is $70,000 to $80,000.   will oversee a team of employees, oversee day to day farming operations, as well as the growth and improvement of the enterprise.    Will manage all activities/processes related to production management of the plantation.   Please send your resume to: or call:   312-855-1800.   Must fill immediately!!!!!!

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Comment by Jody Schwartz on November 14, 2013 at 4:34pm

now my client said 3 years is enough and a degree is not necessary so e-mail me at:  or call me at:  312-855-1800.  Must have the Delta farming experience.


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