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I am new to this whole blog thing but I thought I would give it a try. I titled it a year for the books because I can already see the way the year has started it will not be a "normal" year.

A little background about our farming operation, my dad Carl started farming in 1964. My brother and I have tried to take over most of physical labor end of the farm as dad is 77 years old now and wears out pretty quick. But my dad works 7 days a week, it keeps him young. We farm 1200 ac of row crop and we have about 100 head of black and red angus cattle. We finish all of our own steers and retail the meat to customers such as other people and a few resturants.

Seems like we have always done things the "hard way", trying to save money here and there, buy smaller equipment and just work harder. This year we bought a 31 row planter so we could get over the ground quicker and hopefully get the seed in the ground eariler to get better yields.

I am divorced with two beautiful kids, my daughter is an awsome softball player and you cant keep my son off a tractor. I have a couple of guys who work for us who are great guys, Tyler and Scott. My borthers name is Wade.

It has been too wet to do any field work around here so Tyler and I, with help from Wade have been working on getting equipment ready most of the spring. Saturday was the big day, we were going to send Wade and Tyler to one farm to no-till corn and dad and I were going to Scotts farm to help him plant beans and then move to one of our places. Scott went to pick up our seed wagon and reported the field where the corn was going was too wet. So Wade and Tyler started working on our disc, I moved the tractor and planter to Scotts where we finally got started planting beans about 4pm saturday afternoon.

Got along pretty well at Scotts farm, Scott was running a jd 750 drill on his IH 1466 and I was running our 31 row Kinze on our JD 4555. I lost a planter box lid but other than that we got along pretty well. We finished with his 62 ac about 8pm. They were calling for rain and we were trying to decide whether to move or not.

We decided to move to the next farm which was about 6 miles down the road. I dont like moving after dark but we didnt want to wait till morning. The rain went north of us by only a few miles so we knew we had a window to keep planting until the next wave a rain came. We got to the field and then had to go get some seed. We actually started putting seed in the ground about 11pm.

We planted all night until about 8:30 am when it rained real hard for about 5 min. The forecast called for rain the rest of the day so Scott and I headed home to get some breakfast and some sleep.

I woke up about 3pm to see the sun out and the wind blowing about 30 mph. My dad Carl went out to the field and started planting with the help of Tyler. I got back to the field about 9:30 pm and took over the planting. Dad went home and Tyler stayed. We knew the rain was coming it was just a matter of when it would reach us. About 2:30 am I had about 5 ac left in this one field and I ran out of seed. Of course it was spitting rain. I called Tyler and told him to bring the seed wagon......................I think he was sleeping cause I had to call him three times. As murphy would have it, we run out of seed in the wagon with 3 planter boxes left. I grabbed a coffee can and started scooping enough beans into the three boxes to finish that field.

I finished the field and moved to the next field when it started raining pretty good and we had to quit. Then we moved the service truck and the seed wagon back to our home farm to put them in the shed out of the rain. I finally got home at 6am, I went to sleep, for most of the day.

We got about 2-3 inches of rain, now i'm sitting here surfing the net wiching for sunshine.

Will keep you posted.

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Comment by Shane on May 13, 2009 at 12:56am
WOW...............I have just sat down after nearly 48 hours straight of planting beans...................I am exaushted.
Comment by Shane on May 3, 2009 at 9:27pm
Saturday I went to Kansas City to watch my daughter play softball. She received the MVP award for her team.........she rocks........she plays 3rd base and bats 2nd in the lineup. All the fields along I-70 are water dad had to breed some cows for a guy near Blackwater saturday morning, this guy reported all fields are soaked and no seed in the ground. Leaving Kansas City late saturday evening we saw a glimpse of helped me find some hope to get back into the field by the end of next week.

Sunday, I traveled to De Moines, IA.........the further north I got the drier the fields got. I see where a lot of fields around De Moines are planted, you wont find that at home. Looking forward to the Farmers Market opening on Thursday, it will be our first try at the Farmers Market, going to take a small grill and cook up some ribeyes for the folks to try and hopefully sell some steaks, beef jerky and snack sticks.
Comment by Shane on May 2, 2009 at 1:21am
Ground feed today for our fat calves, spread rock around the standing water spots...........................did I mention we have standing water..............I'm not kidding.
Comment by Shane on April 30, 2009 at 1:43pm
Delivered 25 lbs of hamburger to a resturant, changed the hydrolic filter on our jd 2955 and dodged more mud puddles. It rained all night last night, we got over 3 inches on top of the 2 inches the day before. I looked at the 10 day weather forecast and it is showing rain for the next ten days. We do not have one corn seed in the ground...................I hate reporting doom and gloom but come on, we need a break here.
Comment by Shane on April 29, 2009 at 12:54pm
Delivered 75 lbs of hamburger to a couple different places today, dodged mud puddels, water still standing every where and are calling for more rain tonight.


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