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Colliding Worlds: Cows, Microphones and Cute Shoes

Agriculture is interwoven into my personal fabric. This passion led me to the world of professional speaking nearly ten years ago. Anyone can speak, but not everyone delivers the same impact. Continued education about the many facets of a speaking business, building expertise in a given topic area, and mastering the art of presenting a quality program are just a few of the areas expected by the National Speakers Association for professional membership. Some pundits like to make fun of my…


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Defense: Agriculture's No-Win Strategy

As a proud Michigan State Spartan, I know defense wins basketball games. If you follow the game and Tom Izzo (top coach in the country in my book), you know that rebounding and great defense have taken our beloved coach to the best record in the Big Dance. We like to watch what Izzo does best – play one of the toughest schedules in the country, take some losses (even though we really dislike the recent Big 10 losses) and get teams to peak at just the right time.

We’re especially…


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Trouble for "Processed" Foods & Farmers?

The buzz word these days in the food world is “processed” – and by and large, it’s being used as a negative term. But what do people really mean when they use it? It may come as a surprise that some of the negativity regarding processed foods is being directed toward modern agricultural and food production, in addition to foods with low nutritional value and foods containing…


Added by Michele Payn-Knoper on November 26, 2010 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

A World of Impressions: 1 Passport, 31 stamps, Thousands of People

I’m writing from the plane on my passport's final trip. It expires tomorrow after 10 years, countless miles – and hopefully a few changed lives. I always want to keep my old passports – this one has 31 stamps, four visas and full pages rich with memories.

Eastern Europe: This part of the world reminds me of the necessity to foster dreams – after meeting people suppressed under the communist…


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Local Food, Locavores & Hungry People: Looking Beyond Your Food Plate

Our family happily picked apples last week in an orchard 20 miles away, where we managed to taste Fuji, Yellow Delicious, Roma and Red Delicious on a bright Autumn day. We do the same with blueberries in July. We purchase eggs from our neighbor. We grow our own herbs, raspberries and vegetables – our family spends many hours in the garden to grow our own food. We also purchase beef from a local farm, enjoy pork burgers from the next county over and would love to find a lamb to buy. We enjoy…


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Making Science Sexy

Now that I have your attention, we’ll spend the next three paragraphs discussing the merits of the USDA’s decades-long research on the efficacy of comprehensive nutrient management plans (CNMP), BMP and how it is encouraged by NRCS. That’s not exactly effective, unless you’re a farmer looking into how to manage manure to add organic material to your soil. Not of great interest unless you’re working with farm animals. Since this is less than 1.5% of the U.S. population, I might…


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What Shape is Your Food Plate?

Food is served on a variety of plates today; plastic, china, big, small, and even fast food wrappers. So you might be wondering why I’m asking about the shape of your food plate. As a cook and a bit of a “foodie”, I love a beautiful presentation on the cool square plates and the look of the ovals.

However, as an agriculturist, I’m firmly convinced our food plate needs to remain round so that we can have…


Added by Michele Payn-Knoper on September 17, 2010 at 8:26am — 2 Comments

The Sin of Animal Agriculture

Our family raises animals. Our family eats animals. Our family believes our faith is an important part of our life. Can those three go hand-in-hand?

Not according to recent accusations by animal rights activists. After all, how can you possibly eat an animal if you love animals? Wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite, according to messaging by…


Added by Michele Payn-Knoper on September 10, 2010 at 9:05am — 6 Comments

A Mother's Legacy

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing a note penned for our young child…

Each night I’m home, I lay my hand on your sweet cheek and send up prayers of thanksgiving for you. It’s those little moments I miss most when I’m traveling, such as standing next to your bed and the resulting peace.

Beyond health and happiness, I hope your life will include:

  • A family who…

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Changing the Earth with Every Bite

“You can change the world with every bite.” is the closing line of Food, Inc. Rather than getting into the debate around this sensationalized “opiniontary” – I’ll just suffice it to say that it doesn’t fairly represent an incredibly complex agriculture system. However, the last line (set to “This Land is Your Land” music and lovely graphics that clearly show the money poured into the film) caught my attention. I’m sure it resonated with many viewers who are wondering about WHO is behind their… Continue

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People often ask me where my passion for agriculture originates. After seeing me gladly stand up against pundits pointing fingers at farmers, many likely think it’s the anti-ag groups that fuel my fire. While it’s true that each piece of misinformation fans the flame, it’s really the people behind the food plate that give me the greatest inspiration.

Farmers and ranchers inspire me to keep up the good fight – though many of them likely never realize it. For example, Brand Farms were… Continue

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Top Food & Agriculture Events - January 2010


Here we bring you the best food and agriculture shows, fairs and events of the world for January 2010. If you know some other, just let us know!

The WESTERN. Overland Park, Kansas, United States Of America

Date: 03-JAN-10 to 04-JAN-10

Khadhya Khurak. Ahmedabad… Continue

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100 Best social network sites for Agriculture, Food and Agribusiness

farmsphere, the Food & Agribusiness meeting point, brings you the best Agriculture, Food and Agribusiness social networks.

You already know the benefits of management of online reputation,…


Added by sebastian san juan on November 17, 2009 at 10:02pm — 3 Comments

Farmsphere Initiative & How You Can Support It

share this Networking activities have greatly improved as a consequence of the increasing use of Internet. This easy-to-use, low-cost technology brings together colleagues, providers and customers from all around the world through different formats available on the net (blogs, mails, forums, chat, and the like).

The Farmsphere Initiative needs to gain scale for its advantages to become evident. That is why we require support from our initial users.

You can support Famsphere… Continue

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Calling All Buckeyes to Vote YES on Issue 2

It’s rare I’ll give a shout out to Buckeyes, given my green and white Spartan blood. However, Election Day 2009 calls for a rallying cry for every Ohio resident who cares about agriculture, the rural economy, freedom of business choice, scienced-based information or maintaining low food prices. My thoughts – live and unedited - about why Issue 2 deserves your YES vote.…


Added by Michele Payn-Knoper on November 3, 2009 at 3:06pm — 2 Comments

Bookmarks | Share your experiences on!

share Internet 2.0 is essentially an interactive way to share and leverage collective knowledge and bookmarking is the way to share links of interest with people who are in related businesses, by categories and tags. It is an alternative way to search the Internet, which includes the possibility of accessing previous activities by other users like traditional social networks.

Many services provide an opportunity to select favorite content. The most used are Digg,… Continue

Added by sebastian san juan on October 16, 2009 at 9:26am — No Comments, the first open platform oriented to Food & Agribusiness

Farmsphere is a platform designed to mimic the natural way that agribusiness professionals meet and transact business in a faster, cheaper, more efficient way. Farmsphere accomplishes this through its own website ( and by enabling individuals and organizations around the world to create their own branded online professional communities. Keep informed about… Continue

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Agriculture in Prime Time

Last week agriculture saw a rare opportunity; a major farm issue was showcased during prime time, complete with celebrities sharing food and farm facts. I asked Barbara Borges Martin, one of the thousands of farms impacted by California’s environmental over-regulations, to share her experience at the live filming of the Hannity on Fox show on September 17. This is important regardless of your state or residency; these types of environmental over-regulations may be precedent setting, people… Continue

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Food, Inc. discussion on #agchat

What is being said on social media in agriculture? Earlier this week (June 23) during the #agchat discussion on Twitter, a group of about 100 people contributed about 1200 posts in a discussion of the Food, Inc. movie. About 30 people provided at least 10 Twitter posts or… Continue

Added by John Blue on June 24, 2009 at 11:45pm — 7 Comments

The movie "Food Inc." has anyone seen it or read reviews?

I doubt you've seen it since it was debuted on the coasts, but would like to hear your thoughts:

Added by Bellana Putz on June 17, 2009 at 12:52pm — 1 Comment

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