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Free Cow Traffic

Last week, we opened up the conversation about barn layouts, talking briefly about free cow traffic.

Today, we’d like to talk a little more about the concept of free cow traffic and, once again, open it up for questions and comments.

Free cow traffic – it is their choice

We admit that when we started robotic milking 2 decades ago, we, too, thought that efficient milk production…


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Progressive Dairyman – Canada features Robotic Milking

There’s some exciting news coming out of Canada!

Progressive Dairyman – Canada

First, Progressive Dairyman introduces us to Progressive Dairyman – Canada, a new addition for readers in Canada, scheduled to be published six times in 2011. Targeted to all dairy producers and related industry professionals in Canada, it will follow a similar editorial and ad format to the Progressive Dairyman – U.S. edition.…


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KELOLAND TV Features Robotic Dairy Farm

We’re excited to share news that South Dakota has become home to it’s first robotic dairy. Keloland TV recently featured Stuart Plucker’s farm in, Mechanized Milking.

Visit for more!

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Hoard’s Dairyman Webinar Series

If 2011 is the year you want to learn more about input costs, finance, nutrition, milk quality, herd management, and milk marketing and dairy policy plans, then you’re in luck!

Hoard’s Dairyman recently announced a FREE webinar series that will cover these topics (and much more), scheduled to be held the second Monday of each month starting on January 10th.

For more about the Hoard's Dairyman webinar series,… Continue

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Congratulations, Blesy Farms

Nathan and Barbara Blesy of Springville, NY, were recently recognized with the New York Farm Bureau Young Farmer Achievement Award at the December 7, 2010, annual meeting. The award recognizes young farmers for their agricultural pursuits and leadership within the community.

For more on this exciting news, visit…


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Updated Dietary Recommendations from Institute of Medicine

More good news for dairy!

The Institute of Medicine released new dietary recommendations for calcium and vitamin D, taking special note of the important role of enough vitamin D and calcium in one’s diet. These recommendations, known as Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), are used by both health professionals and policy makers to guide consumers’ dietary patterns. While the daily calcium recommendations remain similar to previous DRI values, vitamin D recommendations…


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Faces of "Factory Farms"

Corporate agriculture. Land profiteers. Factory farms. CAFO. Uncaring. Pundits of “big agriculture” espouse the downfall of our food system while pointing to greedy corporations. After all, they’re looking to only get rich from subsidies, have no pride in the craft of agriculture, abuse animals in horrific conditions and pour chemicals on the land in an effort to make more money. Right?

WRONG! The people of modern agriculture are the same types of folks you see in Charlotte’s Web –…


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"Is modern cattle production better for the environment?" And "What's behind the raw milk revolution?" Happy New Year! Hopefully 2010 will be extremely prosperous and successful for you. We at DairyCast resolve to continue to bring you the information and solutions you need to enhance your profitability. Let me know how we can help you on a daily basis by sending me a note.

We are excited to share a three part series with you focusing on… Continue

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Ag Media Conversations - Proud To Dairy To Tell Dairy's Story

ProudToDairy Proud To Dairy represents dairymen and women sharing and exemplifying values of hard work, persistence, ingenuity, honesty and homegrown success.

Ryan Curtis and Ray Merritt provide the background, vision, and direction of Proud To Dairy.

Click Play button below to listen to audio on… Continue

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Selected educational seminars from the 2009 World Dairy Expo

Educational seminar series from the 2009 World Dairy Expo, September 29 - October 3, 2009 Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

For full screen, click on player below.…


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Agriculture in Prime Time

Last week agriculture saw a rare opportunity; a major farm issue was showcased during prime time, complete with celebrities sharing food and farm facts. I asked Barbara Borges Martin, one of the thousands of farms impacted by California’s environmental over-regulations, to share her experience at the live filming of the Hannity on Fox show on September 17. This is important regardless of your state or residency; these types of environmental over-regulations may be precedent setting, people… Continue

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Planning For College

As a Sophomore I'm trying to plan out what I want to do for college. My family has been in the farming business for a long time. I have a Agriculture background in grain farming. I'm wanting to major in something that deals in Owning Your Own Farm.Like Ag Business. I was thinking about dairy farming. But I'm gonna stick with the Grain Operation. If you have any tips just send me a message! I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,
Nick Greenwood

Added by Nick Greenwood on July 23, 2009 at 11:46pm — 4 Comments

Dairy producer Dino Giacomazzi accepts the responsibility of engaging in social media to educate consumers

DairyCast's Trent Fredenburg chats with with Dino Giacomazzi, a California dairy producer. Dino accepts the responsibility of engaging in social media to educate consumers. Learn more from Dino via @dairydino on Twitter or his… Continue

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Dairy farm looking for partner

I was approving the new Classified ads yesterday over on Agriculture Online and came across a listing from a central New York dairy farm looking for a young partner. So here tis, fyi: Dairy farm wants to mentor/partner

Also, decided to do a little reading on mentoring programs and found this piece in our archives:…


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