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What’s Your 4-H Story?

We all have a 4-H story. That’s why the Iowa 4-H Foundation decided to gather those stories through the “My 4-H. My Commitment.” campaign. Several individuals have already started sharing their stories on the campaign’s YouTube channel, but we’d like to hear from you!

Need some inspiration?

Shannon Latham, Vice President at…


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Farmers Don’t Get a Day Off

The Midwest (and soon-to-be Northeast) has encountered a lot of snow, ice and wind in the past day or so. Winter weather advisories and blizzard warnings have been issued across multiple states, while schools and businesses quickly made announcements that they would be closing their doors early.

While many folks have been able to stay at home and relax on these wintry days, farmers don’t get the day off, as many agvocates shared via social media.

Today, we’d like to hear from…


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Defense: Agriculture's No-Win Strategy

As a proud Michigan State Spartan, I know defense wins basketball games. If you follow the game and Tom Izzo (top coach in the country in my book), you know that rebounding and great defense have taken our beloved coach to the best record in the Big Dance. We like to watch what Izzo does best – play one of the toughest schedules in the country, take some losses (even though we really dislike the recent Big 10 losses) and get teams to peak at just the right time.

We’re especially…


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KELOLAND TV Features Robotic Dairy Farm

We’re excited to share news that South Dakota has become home to it’s first robotic dairy. Keloland TV recently featured Stuart Plucker’s farm in, Mechanized Milking.

Visit for more!

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Hoard’s Dairyman Webinar Series

If 2011 is the year you want to learn more about input costs, finance, nutrition, milk quality, herd management, and milk marketing and dairy policy plans, then you’re in luck!

Hoard’s Dairyman recently announced a FREE webinar series that will cover these topics (and much more), scheduled to be held the second Monday of each month starting on January 10th.

For more about the Hoard's Dairyman webinar series,… Continue

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The Integrity of Humane Care

Imagine this; you hire a babysitter to come into your home and care for your children. Two weeks after the seemingly qualified babysitter was in your home, you find videos posted on YouTube, your family’s name smeared across newspaper headlines and people glaring at you as you walk down the street. The video’s content? You – spanking your child in an act of discipline. Would you feel as though your privacy had been intruded upon just because the babysitter didn’t agree with your method of…


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Congratulations, Blesy Farms

Nathan and Barbara Blesy of Springville, NY, were recently recognized with the New York Farm Bureau Young Farmer Achievement Award at the December 7, 2010, annual meeting. The award recognizes young farmers for their agricultural pursuits and leadership within the community.

For more on this exciting news, visit…


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Can Agriculture Lead into the Future?

Last week we had a big birthday celebration for the little peep in our house. As I watched the friends giggle at the party, I couldn’t help but think back to the day I became a mother. Don’t worry, I’m not brave enough to share child labor stories here; suffice it to say that calving ease, come-alongs and my refusal of a c-section were all a part the discussion.

Celebrating that day caused me to consider what we teach children who grow up in agriculture. Creativity to solve whatever…


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World Dairy Expo Seeks 2011 Award Nominations


there someone you consider to be an outstanding leader in the dairy

industry? Would you like to recognize them at the dairy industry’s

international meeting place? If so, you are in luck!

It may seem like World Dairy Expo just wrapped up its 2010 event, but they’re already planning for 2011! Right now, Expo is taking nominations for Industry Person of the Year, Dairyman of the Year, Dairy

Woman of the Year and International Person of the…


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Trouble for "Processed" Foods & Farmers?

The buzz word these days in the food world is “processed” – and by and large, it’s being used as a negative term. But what do people really mean when they use it? It may come as a surprise that some of the negativity regarding processed foods is being directed toward modern agricultural and food production, in addition to foods with low nutritional value and foods containing…


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Advancing Social Media for Agriculture

Society has shifted in an era of 500 million Facebook users, 50 million tweets, 450 million people on mobile internet and 68 million bloggers - whether you accept new media or not. We’re bombarded by 13,000 marketing messages each day, now largely due to new media. Watch the Evolution of Online Agvocacy if you want to see more. All of…


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The Sin of Animal Agriculture

Our family raises animals. Our family eats animals. Our family believes our faith is an important part of our life. Can those three go hand-in-hand?

Not according to recent accusations by animal rights activists. After all, how can you possibly eat an animal if you love animals? Wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite, according to messaging by…


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This Week In Ag - A New Weekly Show

My friend John Blue of Truffle Media started this site and weekly discussion about agriculture. He graciously asked me to participate and I am really excited about it. Thanks again John!…

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Growing Degree Days and Their Use in Agriculture

As the growing season continues to move forward it is now time to start looking at some of the data that will be important when planning in-season activities. One of the data sets that all growers watch is Growing Degree Days (GDD), aka Heat Units.

GDD's the total amount of heat required, between the lower and upper thresholds, for an organism to develop from one…

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Discussion on Precision Agriculture AgTech: Precision Agriculture This first AgTech conversation ( #agtech on Twitter) looks at precision agriculture, what farmers are using, and what might hold for the future.…


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Faces of "Factory Farms"

Corporate agriculture. Land profiteers. Factory farms. CAFO. Uncaring. Pundits of “big agriculture” espouse the downfall of our food system while pointing to greedy corporations. After all, they’re looking to only get rich from subsidies, have no pride in the craft of agriculture, abuse animals in horrific conditions and pour chemicals on the land in an effort to make more money. Right?

WRONG! The people of modern agriculture are the same types of folks you see in Charlotte’s Web –…


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