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Just curious what the wheat crop looks like across the country, especially Texas and Oklahoma (Keep your rust down there!! haha)  Our wheat has looked very good all along until about three days ago and it started to stress pretty bad now that it is using a lot of water, another week with no rain it may have been toast....a 2" + slow rain lastnight and today changed that.  Starting to hear some reports of rust...I have Post Rock planted and it is suppose to be very rust resistant...but am hearing reports that not so much this year.  This rain should keep our wheat looking like a million bucks.  Then you go 40 miles south of us and just a bit west into colorado and it already burnt up..just before a 3" rain yesterday!  My wheat just started heading out yesterday...about the first in the area so within five days most of our wheat in the area should be heading...where is everyone else at, your estimated yield projections in your area and how far along is it?

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Unfortunatly we don't have much of a wheat crop this year. We don't raise a whole lot anyway, just enough to clean and package for our local exchanges. But we ended up just killing off about half of what we had because the stand was so poor. I wish I could ship you some of our rain. I am getting sick of not seeing the sunshine. Good luck with your crop.
Over here wheat has been headed out for a couple weeks. It looks a lot better now than it did in the winter, where alot wasn't planted and what was planted stayed wet. Fields with good stands should be making 60+ bu, intensively managed crops 75 bpa or more.
Im in central Ohio we have about 70 ac of wheat out for straw use mainly and late planting due to wet fall conditions hurt us its shorter than normal and in head. one of the fields are spotty due to wet conditions but other than being short most fields have a very good stand hoping to get atleast 50 to 60 an ac if possible its our goal every year. oh other thing when I say fields our avg ac field is 15 ac.
We have a wide range in our wheat this year, we got some thats been headed out, and some thats just starting, but we were in the same situation with our wheat, it was pretty close to starting to burn, but with some showers its perked up. We also planted Post Rock and its looking nice.
Our postrock looks real good for the most part, swear the heads are 6-8" long. Even our tam 111 looks pretty good.
Im with Ryan,you can have some of our rain.Im runnin 2 weeks late on planting peas cause its just too dang wet.Everyones wheat looks great out here my neighbor put in about 300 acres of alpowa spring and it looks like it will go 150 bushel. I only have about 50ac of alpowa and 25 of tubbs06 they should both do around120 bushel- if i can ever get out and spray - ground is so soft you cant hardly walk on it.
So ours got to you?
hope u didn't just jinx yourself bart, havent seen much for signs of rust, do have one wheat after wheatfield we think mosaic got to. Just proves don't plant wheat after wheat out in this country
In just reading this I have learned alot about wheat. In our case we are out of corn silage at the dairy and if it was green I have done cut it.
We only have a few acres of wheat and it varies. Expresso looks great, thinking 80/bpa maybe more. No rust. Tripe IV has some rust but still will probably get 50-60 bpa. Our Juan Triticale is just hammered with rust, not sure the yield we'll end up getting. Harvest looks like second week in June. We've had a really wet spring, almost 10 in. in April and still seeing showers all this month. Thinking of planting barley or peas next year.

We are in north coastal California.
whats stage was corn at? We had terrible hail at 4-6 leaf stage (last year), may have had 80 bu/corn at most, should've tore most of it out.
Our wheat is anywhere from 3rd leaf to germination. We finished planting on Thursday and the rain started Friday. Since then we have had over 4 inches of rain! The rust news is scaring the hell out of us! The ND varieties are not bred for it as much since we normally don’t get rust this far north so now we are gearing and getting fungicide ordered just in case, what is everybody using to control the rust?



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