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Where are the combines rolling at and what are you seeing?

We are about three days to a week away from starting on corn, there are a few guys who have started around here. Just wanted to get an idea of what to expect.

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I have aneighbor that started, the leaves are green and and have heard its running in the 20's.  A few guys in the area that had a little corn planted in april have been getting it out of the field almost dry, but there is very little early corn due to the wet spring.  Thier yeilds have been a hair under average.  Unfortunatley that is believed to be the best yelding corn out there.  I did a yeild check on some sialge corn and it was 65 -100 bu on a field that has a 140 average.  I'm not too optimistic but corn harvest isn't in full swing to know for sure.
Corn harvest is most of the way done here in Southern Kentucky.  Most farms in my county have been running about 160bu/ac.  Three farms have had sizable fields make between 195-207, but they are few and far between.  Some plots have made ~200 bu too.  Saw the first soybeans being harvested within the past week, but haven't heard what they made.  The double crop beans won't be much, due to lack of water.
We got started today and so far 170 bpa avg. 20% moisture

Ive ben running through corn for weeks its slow go now the huricane layed all the corn over. Moisture is in the 14% and picke a hair vover 100bua. the sumer drought really hurt us

North Central Missouri.  Very little progress so far, still too much H2O.  Yield reports so far are way below normal.....most yields I am hearing are 60 to 80.
We started harvesting here past week. Moisture anywhere between 19% and 23.5%.  As far as yield go we are between 75 and 160 bu/ ac. We also have the flat corn from the hurricane, she layed about 90% of almost 2000 acres flat. 

Central North Carolina. Reports are good here.


we went to what I hope is our worse farm today so far avg. is 35 bpa corn ouch to much heat not enough rain.
We are running here in northeast kansas corn is pretty good,and above avg for what i was expecting so far we had we have had fields go 168,170,105,142,163,and 158 the 105 avg field had new tile terraces and outlets put in it before the corn was planted so far i am pretty happy.
We started on beans last tuesday, its been slow going we are working on a weedy patch that needed another spray that didnt get done, but its making over 30 so far with about 10 or so acres left. Im pretty happy with it so far.

In western Canada we are about 3/4 done harvest and the canola looks like it will average about 45 bpa, spring wheat is about 65 bpa, barley about 90bpa, we did not have any but the neighbors are talking about 70bpa peas, winter wheat 80bpa


North Central Missouri....been shelling corn running 20% moisture and about 80 on the yield.  I hear some farmers talking about 50-60 on the yield.  We cut 65 ac of beans yesterday, moisture was 12%, yield was 38.



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