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Anyone do any vertical tillage? Past experiences? How has it worked for you? Pros, Cons? Looking at possibly getting one. Have heard many mixed thoughts on them.

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We got a Vt Plus by Landoll. So far very impressed with it. it is nothing more than a high speed chopper, but it does create a nice seed bed.

we tried a salford  rts  thru dobbins....  it did a ok job, just curious how it will be to work in spring....  tried one at all?

Hey Adam how's it goin? No we haven't tried one, like the idea behind them. Just curious, read a little about them, seen them around. Have a good one.

we have a great plains turbo till and it works pretty well and leaves a really good seed bed to plant into, its a pretty good tool the only beef i have with it is it's one of the older models and the bearings don't hold up if you don't grease them every day and the turbo till blades will bend if you hit a decent sized rock. I would like to try a earthmaster vertigo vertical tillage tool with the saber blades built by ingersol i've heard they are really tuff and self sharping.

Only thing about the saber blades is they have a concave to them like a disk. So even if you pull them straight they still dig in. You can check it out on their website. It all depends on what you are looking for though. We are under CSP contract and we cant have any horizontal movement of soil 

Hows does the new sunflower machines stack up with the rest ?

The sunflower machine is one of the most aggressive vertical tillage tools out there, I think it has between a 6-8 degree gang angle causing quite a bit on horizontal movement in the soil  and more of a disk effect. They also have a more concave disk causing more aggressive movement of soil. The great plains I believe is 0-1 degree with no to little concavity and would be the most "vertical" option with the Case 330 and Landoll being another less aggressive option than the sunflower FWIW. All depends on what your looking to do with it and your management plan, we purchased a 330 this fall and through limited use really like the job it does, good mixing of residue without getting to deep and too much horizontal movement, too each their own though, hope this helps.

Have a great plains 2200TT for 6 years and have used it 4 out of those years.  It's great idea tool but for our area the higher yields made it hard for the bar to penetrate even with 4500 lbs at ground pressure.  Every year we ran it we ended up with more mulch on top which helped because the first years were drier and the mulch captured the moisture.  But in the long run we just had too much trash for the planter to do the job we wanted it to do.  I would still recommend it for anybody because like I said every farm is different and if something doesn't work for an opperation might work for another opperation. 

Brandon, we built one 2 seasons ago from an old JD 235 disc.  Just bought wavy blades with right sized center hole and straightened gangs, works great here on our place.  Might have to put a little weight on this year because of last years corn.

Good luck in finding one though, there should be a run on the "NON" gang adjustable TT's because folks what more dirt showing!!!



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