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Hope everybody's doing well and Mother Nature's treating you okay out in the field. Already hearing a lot of harvest chatter -- it will be here before we know it!

Anyway, I wanted to let everybody know about a new feature we have on It's called the [A] LIST. Basically, we're going out around the web and posting it in one place on our site. 

We're calling it "gleanings from around the web." We know that folks are using all sorts of tools -- Facebook, Twitter, blogs, personal sites, etc. -- to tell the stories of their farms and farm work. We know we can't find it all, too! 

I was wondering if you have a spare couple of minutes here and there, if you wouldn't mind checking out the [A] LIST. I welcome your feedback. And most importantly, I welcome your input about new features to call attention to in the [A] LIST. Have you got a cool blog or website, or know of a farmer down the road from you who does? Let me know! 

The [A] LIST is really all about going to the whole Internet (or as much of it as we can!) and finding the most useful, highest value, and sometimes just plain fun content for farmers. And, I know through your participation and membership in this network, you all know probably way better than me what's hot out there on the web for farmers. So, please let me know! Click here to send me an e-mail directly, or you can send me a note via the network e-mail here. 

And, click here to check out the [A] LIST!

Thanks, everybody! Hope all is well for you! Stay safe out there!

Jeff Caldwell,

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