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Iam looking in to add saddle tanks to my tractor to apply starter when planting.  What can you guys tell me about them?  Is there some better than other?  I think the saddless tanks seem pretty nice.  Also what kind of pump and do you like? Rebounder or keetin seed firmers?  Also I would like fairly big tanks either 600 to 1000 gal total capacity but I am concered on how to mount and dismount the tanks without a forklift.  Any feedback is appreciated.

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am looking for agri products saddle tanks for a 8200.  do you still have yours?

Thanks for your reply guys. I did look into the side-quest tanks and think they might be the ticket. I asked about both 700 and 1000 gallon units and there is a $1500 difference between the two. But I can't decide which one would be best. I will be using them to add more gallons when I spray as well because I have a 3pt sprayer with a 500 gallon tank and 80 ft boom. What would you guys suggest? In the long run I bet I'd be happier if I went with the 1000 gallon.



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