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I would like to now what is the deal with the red cattle always bringing less at the sale barn than the black cattle. I have talked to butcher shops and they all tell me that once the hide is off you cant tell the difference. So why the big difference in price? We have a local cafe that only sells hereford beef and the people say that its great. I have also talked to a few people who have had both an angus and hereford butchered and said their is a difference and they liked the hereford. Can someone tell me why the packers want the blacks I just dont get it.

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Its just like everything, the ones who control the market are the consumers for the most part, and there has been alot of angus beef sales pitches going around in the past few years, mostly consumers relate angus cattle to being black and so when they go to mcdonalds and order the angus burger an increase demand in black cattle occurs. Im sure it would be the other way around if mcdonalds or burger king started advertising hereford cattle beef instead of angus.
I agree it was successful marketing by the Angus association with the Certified Angus Beef. The phrase is know by consumers and know it has a high requirements to become certified angus beef. However, one of the main requirements is a certain percentage of the animal must be black. Notice the fast food restaurants only advertise "Angus Beef" rather than certified angus beef.
its all marketing, marketing, marketing. if you tell consumers that a black steer will taste better then a red steer then they will but meat probucts that supposedly come black steers. i wanna know how many of those so called "Angus Burgers" are actually black angus beef and not some old dairy cow that was sent to market because she was to old to produce and ground into hamburger because thats all she was good for?
Probably more than people realize.
right on the mark aaron
Jake... As long time Hereford producers I know exactly what you mean by red taking a hit at the sale barn. We have very nice Polled Herefords and do quite well when it comes time to sell them, but the blacks always seem to do better. It is not just Hereford versus Angus though. You will notice that Red Angus never sell as good as Black Angus. It makes no sense. I guess it is just how the market works. Now I do believe that a Black or Red Angus - Hereford cross is one of the best ways to go for the commercial cattle producer. We have a neighbor that runs a large feedlot and he says that Angus and Hereford both feed well. There is not much difference.
My dad just stoped at a guys place to buy a couple hereford bulls and they got started talking about this. The guy told him that he was sitting at the sale barn next to a buyer for a feedlot and he asked him what the difference is between the blacks and reds and why they want blacks. The buyer told him that it is just another way to screw us farmers he said their is no difference. The packer is making out llike a bandit since he can buy the reds cheaper. They feed out the same if not a little better he said. Thats enough to PISS ya off
2 reasons
The first has to do with quality. Cattle buyers get paid by how well they do. After filling an order for their packing house
they get back a report evaluating their performance in buying the most meat for the $ from the grade and yeild reports of the cattle they bought. On average more black cattle are in the top half of the lots they buy and send than red cattle. In life as in a free market you get what you pay for. More cattle buying mistakes are made by overpaying for the bottom half of cattle available for sale than from overpaying for the top cattle available. Because the quality reports tell them they have less risk of receiving poor job performance reviews by purchasing quality it creates a demand among the buyers looking to fill their buy black cattle. As a rule of thumb they get burned less often by purchasing black cattle.

2. I have also noticed that deep cherry red cattle will bring a higher price than a pale red/orange animal of the same quality. Because the deep red animal will appear to be healthier on a subconscience level to the buyer than the pale red animal. Dark colored animals have an advantage of being less likely as to appear sick than light colored animals.
Black has the advantage over red as deep cherry red has the advantage over pale reds.

In summary the farmer working with the animals everyday may realize that the best one in his pen is the pale one,but
the buyer having to make a judgment call in a relatively short time will tend to error on the side of caution based on his
experiance and will more likely give the nod to the black one. Some sharp buyers will talk up the black in order to pick up
the same quality reds at a lower price. Bottom line it all comes down to supply and demand and black angus
have a long track record of proven preformance.

On a side note, I don't want to say the best steak I ever had came from a Jersey steer, but honestly it was as good
as any that I have ever had. It surprised me so much that I still remember it to this very day.



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