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Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again After We Are Done Planting....

Don't know about all of you, but when we first started getting rain the other week we both thought - good, now we won't be in drought conditions.  Now today we are wondering the next time we'll be able to get into the field with the current saturation in the fields, combined with the upcoming forecast.  We're turning are focus now to looking at how long it will be till be have water in our basement!  What a difference a couple of weeks make.  

Have the storms affected your area?  We are thankful that we haven't had any bad storms yet, just rain.  How much rain have you been getting?  When do you think you'll be able to get back into the field?

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so far we have just had rain, some wind and hail, but nothing to damaging. Today was a great drying day, but thats all suppose to change over nite


We just got pounded with some more rain today. So far we have three plantings of sweet corn put in and that's it. A few farmers around have put in some corn. Nothing too widespread though.

weve been stopped for a week now, no major rains or tstorms, just enough to make everything wet enough to stop planting.

Send it my way!


Samething here we have one farm that borders a small river and there is about 10 acers that is always under water well this year it wasnt under and we got it worked and planted the corn was just coming up and we got one of those 3inch in an hour rains and now its all under water again damm it!

Send it to Colorado, so dry. Its stressing me out. 

Ok, now we would like the rain!

It is amazing how things can seem way to wet and then all moisture is just shut off!  It has been over 2 1/2 weeks since we've gotten rain now.  Hopefully we get some this weekend.

Hope the weather is cooperating for everyone else!

Watch what you wish for hey? Lol

Hello mother nature I know two weeks ago I wanted you to stop raining but now I would like to put in an order for some more please a nice slow inch at least thank you LOL

Well, unfortunately there is no rain here in Missouri! HOPEFULLY SOON!



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