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How are things going this spring? Are you in the field yet? Or has cool, wet weather kept you out? If you are planting, how's it going? How many acres do you have done?

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Started Monday and a little over half done now in NW Iowa. Some guys are done with corn and some haven't started because of the temperatures and wet weather here and there. Ground in almost bone dry on top until todays rain!

Started The Saturday before Easter did 160 that day that was prevent plant ground last year

Thanks for sharing guys! Ben, from the folks I've talked to that sounds about dead on. Either things are going well and they're almost done (at least with corn). Or it's too dang wet and nothing has been done. My parents farm in Eastern Iowa and they only have a 100 acres of corn planted. Dad is awfully anxious for some sunshine and the end of this cold, wet weather!

Yeah we defiantly need the moisture but not the cold, where hoping being over half done isn't too much at the moment!



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