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Hey does anybody have any good job service sites where you have been able to find employees for your farm?  We are looking for 2 more people to work for us for the past few months and have not had any luck.  We have had a few people apply but most of them are either not qualified, not willing to put in the required hours, or just not the right fit for our operation.  Or even is anybody on here interested in a job?  If you are leave a message on my wall or send me an email  We are in need of at least one more person before spring and with the luck we have been having I am afraid we will not have enough people this spring. If anybody has any ideas or is interested please let me know!

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what's the job description and some more information on what you are looking for.. 
Id certainly be interested, Alot of farms are bein sold in my area and work is dwindling, Let me know what all the job may entail

I guess I should have added this right away.  There is no set job description we farm 12,000 acres of crop land 3,000 acres are irrigated; growing spring wheat, winter wheat, sunflowers, corn, and soybeans.  We also recently built a feedlot to background our calves that come from our 300 cow/calf herd.  The job would be anything that is involved in production agriculture on the farm side of it.  Anything from planting, spraying, combining, driving semi, working cattle, feeding cattle, helping with calving, checking fence, checking fields, etc. 

It is a standard farming operation and we would prefer to hire somebody that already has on the farm experience who is will to learn and work hard.  We stay fairly busy year round so it would be a full time job.

I am really not sure what to all add, it would be a job that involves helping with all seasons of farming and all operations that take place. 

Wages are negotiable and dependent on work experience and qualifications such as having a commercial driver’s license.  Again if anybody is interested send me an email at


I am just commenting to get this back on the front page.  We are still looking for somebody  interested in a full time farm job and it would be even better if they have a strong interest in managing a cattle herd!
I hate to keep bringing this up but it just shows how severe the shortage of available and qualified help is.  Again if anybody is looking for a farming job please contact me.  We managed to get through the spring short on people but we are still looking!  Wages range from 14-20 per hour depending on skills! Feel free to contact me if even slightly interested.  Brian Grossman or 701-321-1434
Don't mean to steal your potential help Brian, but if anyone is interested in the same type of position on a NW kansas/Eastern Colorado farm we are looking for another full time employee as well...about the same job description and same pay range with housing provided (Brick home, 3 bedroom and 2 car garage).  Center pivot irrigated farm with dryland acres as well.  Newer equipment with guidance...Corn, wheat, and pinto bean the process of constructing a 900 head feedlot. Call 620-357-1166 for more info.
haha don't worry, I know how it is when you are short on help.  I have things posted everywhere trying to find people but in the last year I hired 7 people and only 2 showed up so not looking good considered I hired every person that applied. lol

Tell me this...why is it getting so dang hard to find good farm help??? You would think in the area we live in it wouldn't be all that hard to find full time help but seems like nobody will last and they move on or you just flat out can't find help..kinda sucks.  I told my father-in-law after corn harvest I will go off of salary with him and be more full time with my seed sales so it would free up a salary to bring another guy aboard so we always have 3 guys come harvest....been advertising for about a month now and like one call and they were just this rate it will just be the two of us come harvest with our grain bagger.


I always joke on how high unemployment is but in my area just between my farm and another guy we have 5 positions available and nobody to fill them with.  We have both been advertising for... oh, going on 2 years now and neither of us can find anybody.  It sucks when I have to play manager and still be in the field every day.  The only way I am able to keep this going is by having a great crop scout and a great broker.  Without those 2 I would be burnt out by now.  PS to anybody interested i will top any offer that Jonathan makes! haha :) That is what life has come to in my area.  We don't tell any other farmers what we are paying because everybody is trying to hire people away from each other.  It is sad to see the unemployment rates with the farm economy the way it is. 

we need to have a wage auction! haha...we may have lucked out and found a local guy...nothing final yet


Jon, we just hired a new part time employee at our farm which is in NE Colorado. We posted a help wanted in the crop science building and through there paper and got about 65 applications. These kids tend to love agriculture since they are in a ag school and are looking for farm work. Just a suggestion....

Have you all filled these positions yet?  If not, I would like the opportunity to tell you some more about myself and send you a resume.   Please feel free to contact me at or if you like you may call at 850-293-6230.  Thanks



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