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I'm replacing the load control shaft and seals in my 4440. Having problems installing the Teflon rings with success. I've been heating them up in front of the Knip-co heater and trying to jam them into the bushing fast as possible but always seem to kink them. Is there a better way? Have you seen the ad in the farm magazines for the ultimate fix for control shaft leaks? I remember seeing the ad but can't seem to find it anymore. There's gotta be a better way to keep ole Johnny from leakin all over the barn floor at night!

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Is there much wear in the bushings? I used to always replace the whole bushing and Deere used to have a shim kit to cut down on the side to side movement. Even the pliers made for those rings would put a kink in them. The times I tried heating them up, I wound up ruining them. Good luck to you.



Robert, bushings are tight. I've been told always replace the shaft when replacing the seals. I had the parts man pull the bushing seal assembly out for me to look at, I can see JD kinked those too. Last tractor we had leaking went to the JD shop, it went back two more times within a year for same seals. Decided to save some money and do it myself on this tractor. Love John Deere equipment but this is a major design flaw that really has me upset.

Later models went to an external piston to control the rock shaft. I understand your frustration. I can't stand an oil leak either. If I remember correctly there was an o-ring under the packing. I had a 4040 that was leaking between the bushing and the packing. I found a teflon back-up o-ring from Parker Hydraulics that stopped it. Hope that helps.

We replaced our 4240 and 4020 load shaft bushings with Boehlen MFG?...  This is what you are referring to in Farm Show, I believe.  Have had great luck with them so far.  I'll try and dig up the contact info for you.  Teflon rings are tricky, but I think you would want to shrink them, right?  Heat would cause to expand.   Get "canned air" turn upside down and spray bushings should shrink them enough.  I hope I'm remembering this right, its been 3-4 years since we did those projects.  Anyway, would highly recommend Boehlen MFG out of Missouri.  Think the teflon bushings are a bit wider than oem bushings.  Also use green loctite around metal part of bushings when installing.

Try soaking the seals in hot water. I have found that it makes them more flexible and easier to install. Also you may need to replace the pin and bushing at the front of the load control shaft bracket. Good John Deere parts, replacing the pin and bushing, and keeping my pull arms tied together when not using a 3pt implement has ended my load control shaft leak problems.

Yeah Adam! If you could come up with a phone number for Boehlen mfg I would appreciate it! I'm unable to find any info on that company. Thanks, Phil
here ya go!  Boling Machine Shop, 2357 Shelby 418, Lentner, MO 63450  phone:  (660) 699-3717;  website
I beleve A&I makes a bushing with the seals already in them at least thats what we used when I worked at the john deere dealer.
Dip the seals in some water in a pot on the stove.  Put them on a light boil for 5 or so minutes before trying to put them in.  Makes them much more flexible.  Still not easy to install, but much more doable.



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