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The 966, and the 1066 have the same engines in them, the 1066 has the turbo is there any reason i couldnt put a turbo on my 966? I love the way dad's 1066 sounds, im going to take the cab off, and straight pipe it, so im wanting the turbo whine!

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You can put a turbo on it. If you do you should put the oil jets in it that sprays oil under the pistons. If you don't just don't work it real hard.
Dad talks about a lot of 966's around that guys bought new and had the dealer put the 1066 manifold and turbo on and never had any issues. They would turn the pump up a quarter or half turn and run all day long pulling a 5 bottom plow or a 22 ft disk. I even know a guy who pulled a 25 foot disk and incorperated chemicals with a 966 set up that way. They did it like that for years. Dale is right about the D414 not having the oil jets the DT414 has. Just make sure it never runs too hot and I wouldn't see a problem. Put a pyrometer on if you can. Those D414's are a good engine. Keep up on the water filters and always put distilled water in the radiator when mixing in antifreeze. Also might not hurt to run straight 30 weight oil either instead of a mulit weight. Those old IH engines ran better with the single weight oil. Show us some pictures of it when it is all done.
Dad says guys around here put 5 or 6in straight pipes on their 1066. Any clues where to buy one?
okay this tractor is 35 years old and "now" you want to crank it up? well on the other hand this hobby is better than smoking crack.

it may be 35 years old. but its still one of the bes tractors around. and i never said anything about "cranking it up"
adding a turbo would be cranking it up, seen some JD 4020's w/turbos put on, so I suppose it could be done don't know a whole lot about IH except for a LP 806 which barely had enough horse to pull itself let alone an implement.
thanks adam. sometimes the level of experiance varies drastically on this site. and remember-"Its still one of the best tractors around" an Ih 966. i guess he has never needed much hydraulics.

in that sense it would be so my bad...but i clearly meant the 66 series themselves
You dont have to defend yourself to these JD promoters. haha put two turbos on it and some nitrous too.
nitrous into diesel?... how bout propane
I don't know if it is ever the wrong time to fix up an old tractor and put it back to use. I did. Look at the 1466 in my profile pic. I bot that thing as a hunk of crap and did a ton of work to it and got some good out of the old gal. I just sold it this spring and made some great money on it too. Not sure what this Dale guy is talking about. Just because it is 35 years old doesn't mean it is worthless and not worth putting a little more HP to it and use it. Like I said I used my 14 on our augers, mowed, raked, and baled hay with it, and hauled corn in 650 bu gravity wagons with it. The IH 66 series are cheap to buy, cheap to fix, and cheap to operate. My 1466 had 170 hp and was very thrifty on fuel. It started every morning even in 30 degree weather and didn't need ether or to be plugged in. Show me a 4430 or 4630 that will do that (there aren't any). Durable transmissions and if you are smart with the TA if should last a long time too. There are aftermarket TA's now that will last 10x's longer than an IH TA. I have been around both JD and IH and for the money the 66 series is a great general purpose tractor.
We had a 4630 that would start everyday down to 0 with out either or being plugged in (of course it had 4650 parts in it.) Or 4240 has a 158 loader on it and runs almost every day. It has a little over 10,400 hours on it and has never had the valve covers off or been into rear end. It will start below zero with out either if need be but we usally keep it plugged in just to be make it turn over better.



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