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How many horspower is needed for to pull a 12 row planter?

So dad bought a John Deere 2955 with front wheel assist. Let me say it is way better than our 1964 3020 we used to use all the time. I am thinking about purchasing a planter. Nothing fancy just maybe an 8 or 12 planter. Since we aren't Big time Operators All we have is the 2955 to do most field work with. Does anyone know if the 2955 has enough to pull an 8 or 12 row?

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rule of thumb     10-15HP per row depending-  hills, fert, no till, planter wt, speed

Depends on planter as well, we noticed a big difference going from our jd 12 row to our 12 row kinze our kinze is a lot heavier.
if all your wanting is a straight 12 row it should do it,if you can equip it with some duals that will help and if needed you can have the fuel turned up a little I try not to go over 15% of stock setting. We pull a kinze 12 row twin-line spliter with our John Deere 7410 FWA its only rated at 120hp and most of the time you cant even tell the planter is back there.
Our 5288 dynoed at 120 and it pulled a 12/23 kinze fine for the most part. There are some decently steep slopes here though and it struggled a little going up the big hills but overall it handled it pretty well. I would say it depends on the terrain as well. If you're going on mostly flat ground you could probably pull it with 100.
pull our 12 row with a 7800 deere  used to pull it with a 4850  both pull it fine  lots of weight with the fert tanks and seed i think the no till unitsmake ours hard to pull  but i would rather be a little over sized than under sized
We have a 12-row Kinze 3200 planter that we pull with a John Deere 8100 (two-wheel drive).  The tractor is rated at 160 horsepower, but we have found through our own experiences and from neighbors that extra horsepower is not a bad thing when it comes to planting.  I would definately make sure that you have duals (with spacers so you don't plant in tire tracks) if possible.  Another thing to consider is how much weight from the planter is on the tractor.  Twelve-row planters can be heavy, and you need to make sure that you have enough front weights to keep your front tires firmly on the ground, especially during road travel.

WOW WOW pay attention my man!  My father and I purchase a 2955 a couple of years ago, we have a small farm with sandy soils so when thinking of horsepower requirements and what it usually takes to pull somthing around here is usually less than other parts of the country.  The 2955 we purchase was a 1991 one owner with 3400 hrs, the retireing farmer that we bought it from used the tractor for everything from tillage to planting on this 200 acre farm for the last 3-4 years. He would pull a 5 bottom plow, also conventional 12 ft seed drill with 12 ft disk in front too, but the tractor was in good shape and didnt even looked like it had a hard life. We used the tractor for a couple of years and then all of the sudden one season the gears started grinding and then before the season could end we lost one of the gears! 


Brought it to the John Deere Dealer to take it apart and look at it, what happen pretty much is that the transmission cooling system failed, and the transmission had to be rebuild, with a bill of 12,000,000!  The mechanics pretty much said that the tractor was not build for years of heavy tillage and use like that.  The 2955 just is build has heavy duty as the comparabile horsepower tractors of the past.  Your 3020 is a more heavy duty built tractor than the 2955.  The mechanics describe the 2955 as a kind or little supup utility tractor.  I would suggest that the 2955 with 85 horsepower on the pto and only about 75-73 on the draw bar should not be used more than a light 15 ft seed drill at the most and maybe you can use a 8 row with out fertilizer boxes to be on the safe side...

We are currently looking for a heavier duty horsepower tractor to do our tillage.


That is very good to know. Thank you!! We probably won't use it for heavy use. just mainly setting in hay and hauling cattle manure and spreading it.
once was in a pinch when we had a 2390 burn up pulled our 7200 max vac with an 1100 massey
our 6 row jd 7000 wend down in the spring. went and talked to the local deer dealer about renting a planter. the only thing they could give us was a 12 row. they said it would be pushing it with a 4440 . we ended up hiring it done.
It isn't the horse power that might be a problem.  Look at the lift capacity and the preassure on your three point. Around my area the soils would just pull the tractor down and soon enough no more tractor.



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