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What is the going pay for farm help?  We hired a handyman who lives down the road to build some fence for us he and his son and when we got the bill we shit. The fence was about 150 yd long they took out the old and put the new up,post every 8-10 ft two wood and a steel T post took them 4 to 5 days and the bill was $2600 thats just labor we bought all the materials our self the guys wife just dyed of cancer so I didnt say anything I just payed it. I thought of hireing this guy to be a part time help during the harvest but if he wants that much I dont think I could afford it. What are your thoughts what do you pay seasonal help like a truck driver or grain cart opperator?

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I would have to say it depends on experience. If you hire a kid in high school i wouldnt go more then 8 to 10, An older guy that has the experience and you know you can trust with more responsibility you might consider more, ive never heard of anymore then 12 or 14 an hour for a grain cart operator or farm labor in general, i would always start low though, its easy to give a raise to someone, not as easy to take it away.
Did you not discuss the cost with him before he started. Perhaps this was an expensive lesson.
sounds a little steep to me...we had to pay $15/hr for a grain cart man...23 year old kid who has been around farming his whole life. It is hard to find help around here, normally we don't pay that but had a huge crop to get in and were willing to fork out the dough to find help. We pay a h.s. kid $10 to do anything we ask...he had never ran a tractor in his life so i took him out to the farm one afternoon and practiced pulling up to trucks with him a few days before wheat harvest...he has been really good and not one screw up in two years....sometimes it is best to take someone who knows nothing and invest in them a little...he has been good help and a kid that has gained a lot of self-esteem since giving him a chance...the principle said he is doing better in school than he ever has after coming to work for us.



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