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I was wondering if anyone custom hauls grain with a semi. I was thinking about buying a truck and i was wondeing how you charge the customer? Is it per mile round trip or just one way? and whats a competitive price?

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I haul grain. I charge 19 cents to go about 38 miles to go to one processing plant. I charge 21 cents to go about 60 miles to got the other way to another processing plant.
You haul per bushel in most places. The price seems to be determined by whatever the local market will bear. In my area, I figure I can usually hire the hauling done cheaper than I can do it myself, and only own my semi for harvest, if I'm bored during the winter and feel like doing some hauling, or if I need to deliver grain and can't find someone to do it in a timely manner. I'll warn you, it's tough to make money with a semi custom hauling.If you're looking to do some custom work to make a little money I would suggest, instead, a round baler or a sprayer. Much better return on investment. Another possibility is learning to do your own auto and machinery repairs. Even if it takes you twice as long as the dealership in town takes, you'll be able to pay yourself $30 and hour, and I've never earned that hauling grain.
hey thanks for the imput, i've actually been thinking about custom baling and spraying too. Right now i'm pretty much trying to start farming from nothing, my dad doesn't help me out any so i'm pretty much going my own way its good my my owns an acrage with a barm and a machine shed where i live. The only thing i have standing in my way is money.
Usually the guys around here charge .12/bushel to haul. There are a lot of custom haulers in our area and i'd say 90% of them stay busy year around. Some farmers have decided to get Semi's and others just depend on custom hauling. I recently got a second semi to update and increase my capacity at harvest. You can get a decent rig put together for 65-70k. But then again you could also get a decent sprayer for 45 K , a tandem, blender, pump, H20 tank for 70 K or so and custom apply...guess you'll have to weigh pros and cons...obviously a con would be that it's I guess I would recommend starting out hauling and then when you got some cash move on the baling or spraying. Goodluck!
.12 to .19 per bushel. All trucking only charges for loaded miles. I have concidered puting one of our two trucks on the road but have not. The money is ok if you can stay full and make have few bob tail miles. The problem I have with where we live in Iowa not that far from you is that when they want us to haul we need the trucks in the feild. I had a buddy who did custom hauling in our area around Fort Dodge and he only did it for a year. The per mile money was good but long slow lines at the plants killed his turn around he was making money just not what he wanted to.

Advice Start cheap there are a lot of good trucks out there from $10,000 to $20,000. The trailer is what will get you even used trailers are holding value good. It is hard to touch a good trailer for under $20,000. If you are custom hauling do not buy a steel trailer after one Iowa winter there will not be any paint left on it and all you will have is a rust bucket. We have a Wilson and a Mauer the Mauer only is on the road when the weather is good. All the washing in the world can not save a steel trailer from the road salt.
Prices I have seen are from 12 to 18 cents per bushel. Further haul (over 30 miles) is about 15 to 18 cents. Also on the higher end if you need the semi to sit to load.



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