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Just wondering what people are paying for custom harvesting of cereal grains when the custom guys have newer combines grain cart and do the trucking.

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I'm in southcentral Michigan and run an older 9400 JD. I get 24.00 an acre for both corn and beans for the machine only no cart or trucks.
hey thanks keith for the reply
Keith, my name is Ben Prevatt. I work for Poly Tech Ind Inc.
I have been trying to contact you about your 9400 Combine. I would like to help you line the
Bed Auger Troughs. Please give me a call or E-Mail me.
I know this is a different area and country but here in Ontario I run a CIH and charge $30/ acre for cereals and $35/ acre for corn and beans (no support equipment, just combine)
Im located in North Central Kansas, I have done some custom harvesting for neighbors, i do run an older combine but i have a grain cart and truck it to, i charged 20$ an acre last year, looking at going to 22 or 24.
Our custom rates range from $15 to $25 per acre for dryland wheat to $25 to $45 per acre for irrigated wheat. Trucking is around $.15/bu. There isnt a lot of difference in price between new and old combines here as long as they do a good job and get the crop in.
Looking for more custom acres to combine.



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