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How is everyones crops looking so far? I am in north central indiana and corn is look spectacular and beans are looking good also some fields have manganese spots and some volunteer corn. Finding any weeds thats hard to kill this year? Any other things going on also? Would like to hear from you and like to hear how things are doing!

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Everything going good here except for a wet spring, had some low spots drown out and caused some flooded beans and wavy corn. But I think our area is quite a ways behind the rest of the state. Most places I've seen have had tasseled corn for a week or better and ours in our area is just barely starting to. I think corn will be pretty decent as long as we don't get wind or hail (knock on wood). Beans may be another story if it decides to stop raining until fall. Glad to see the futures traders are letting us know that we're going to apparently going to have a bumper crop this year....

We are about a week to ten days from corn tasseling and we haven't seen the corn look this good in years.  We have seen the start of gray leaf spot corn on corn but were planning fungicide anyway.  Beans are great depending on the planting date/spraying/application.  there are a lot of ifs in my area=10mi radius on beans but in general have clean fields for as wet as it is.  Our beans are about a week or so from closing in on 30in rows.  It is the year for the giant ragweed on our farm, edge of the fields where it was over sprayed and killed the grass, got a little late on the spray due to the constant rains.

Corn is tasseling here and silking here for most of the farmers some of the smaller farmers there corn is a little over waist high. Everything looks great here I am amazed of how good the crops looks this year. I cant wait to see how harvest season is going to be if we keep getting rain here and there for a while during pollination.

We finally got a much needed 1.4" of rain to start the week. Corn was curling up real bad a couple days before it rained. We're an anomaly though on how dry we were. Had about a two week period where nitrogen and potassium deficiencies were showing up in corn because the top few inches of soil were dry and couldn't get enough rain to get topdressing down into the roots. The corn still had sub soil moisture but no nutrients down that low so there is a lot of wavy corn around. If you go outside of a 25 mile radius of where I farm everyone has been too wet since April. Overall I would say corn looks worse than last year. A few tassels here and there and starting to show up. Downy brome was absolutely everywhere. 

Our crop insurance guy was here a couple days ago. He said what he saw in southern Indiana to southern Ohio (Cincinnati area) looked awesome. Everywhere else he goes which is basically the eastern half of Ohio, western half of Pennsylvania, and parts of New York all had bare spots in fields where it was too wet for corn to germinate and a lot of yellow and wavy corn where it did. He didn't say how much, just said A LOT of acres switched to soybeans. He's also concerned about aflatoxin in soft red winter wheat harvest.



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