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This has been a big debate at our farm.  We have a small farm, and would like to keep it semi small by milking no more than 140.  So far we have not been past 100 milking.  So, we want to expand and we are trying to figure out a plan. We currently have for silage a 20x50 which is getting old, and a decent shape 20x60, both tower silos.  I know that a bunk silos are very cheap to build, but they also take up a lot of equipment and labor to make them work but they are the most expedient come harvest time.  I like using the tower silos, because they dont requre any additional equipment.  What are your opinions on this decision?

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it depends on what you harvest an grow i live in maryland but i go out an help people on their dairy farms across the US. some farmers have the upright silos which come in hand when the winter time comes around then other farmers have the bunk silos with my thought i would stay with the upright silos they take less equipment to use an less room
All we use for silage is haylage and corn silage, nothing special.
It takes the same amount of equipment, bag, upright, bunker. No electic to run a bunker. When you get 50 years old you get tired of climbing those things. I would go with bunker or bags.
Have you looked into storage bags? Seem like they should work real for you. I always like their flexibility.
I would bunker the corn silage and put high quality haylage in the the uprights. Your losses in a bunker are higher but the efficiency is hard to beat. I suspect at 140 milking you will need both. Im long a mixer wagon if you interested. SW Ohio.
I custom chop for a few neighboring farmers, and all they use are the bags. There are only a few silos left in the county that are actually being used. I've never filled an upright, but it looks like they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The guys I chop for, I don't understand why they don't invest in a bunker or upright since they have been raising silage for years.
I have wondered about those center drop unloaders. I have talked with the Hanson rep and he sweared that it was the best unloader since the invention of the pitchfork. I dont think they could be that good, but slightly better than the rest under ideal conditions.
Our uprights have been up for a good 20years now. I dont know if we are doing something right or that they are not tall enough to have the wind mess with them.
me an my dad chop corn silage for our fat cattle and i would personaly go with a bunker silo, right now we have an upright the unloader for it is worn out and it plugs up all the time, it also unloads very slow. we are looking into a bunker silo in the future because it would take less time to fill it and shorter time to feed the cattle. it would take the same amount of equipment to fill it and ur not runnig a 10 horse motor to power the unloader and ur not climing the silo every week. we were looking into pouring a 12 foot concrete wall and setting a hoop building on top of it then you can have storge space if needed when empty or it would help cut down on loss when loading the feed wagon, we are going to put a divider down the center to put ground up hay on one side and silage on the other. thats my idea i hate uprights cause i had to climb it an pitch it out for two months before we got the unloader fixed, hope this helps
I like the bags it has the least amont of waste of all three. Even though you have to buy a bag every year i think with the fact your not loosing as much to spoilage, also you don't have to pay taxes on it, and theres no mantince on the bag, if you decide to quit some day you don't have what we call around here a ''Monument'' up in the air. thats just what has worked the best for us. We feed about 150 to 200 fat cattle a year so we been through quit a few bags.
There arent many people that have silage bags around here. Do you have any problems with tearing or leakage? How much does a bag and bagger setup cost?
to feed any kind of volume a bunker silo is the best way to go . it will also give you a more consitant feed mix cause your putting it in horizontal layers and feeding it from a vertical angle we have no tax on bumkers and they are very little maintance . i hate going to chop corn for a farm that has and upright takes for ever the choppers always sitting
How big of chopper do you run?



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