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I'm bored and I'm curious what everyone out there thinks is the best tractor ever built is? Remember, just an opinion, I don't want to be responsible for any fights on here....


Personally, I'm thinking the Farmall M. Just cuz how it revolutionized how the modern tractor was designed and also it was I believe the highest selling tractor model (as far as number of units sold) ever. I'm also a red man so I'm partial to them anyway....


Far as I guess you could call "modern tractors" International 1086. Power and reliability plus a really unique look is why I'm calling them out. Plus, "if" it broke down, they were easy to work on with most of the components being available without any huge disassembly projects. Drawbacks were the PTO drive and shifter was in a stupid place I thought behind the operator (as with the Farmall M) and they sometimes didn't want to shift right until you put the aftermarket shift kit in (we did it with our 1066 and 1086 and it helped a TON!!!!!)


But like I said, my opinion! Please feel free to criticize and give your opinion too! I'm interested to see what you all think.


The picture is actually a 1066 that my brother now owns. We don't farm with it anymore unless we have to. My great-uncle bought it brand new and would wash and wax it after everytime he used it. He had a brand new truck too, he parked it outside. That tractor stayed in his garage..... That's original paint on it too.

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Man I will agree with you 100%. We own a 1086 and I would rather spend all day in it then any "new" tractor. Overall it is just a comfortable tractor to be in. As for innovation I would have to say our Farmall Super MDTA has to claim it. I mean seriously it starts on gas then with the pull of a lever is able to run on diesel fuel. That is awesome in my book. It has great torque and really decent power. Back in the day when our ford 8000 got stuck plowing we used the Super MDTA to pull it all out. One day I will paint em up and get em looking really nice.
Ok, time for a deere. the 4020 im my opinion is the all time best tractor. compairing the 4020 to all the tractors of its time, it was the most innovative. john deere has a slender hood, and you sit up high. you have the best visibility. the easy ride seat is also a benifit. deere brought in a specialist to design a seat that would be comfortable and easier on the back. the powershift, and side consel are also great additions. with the oval muffler and air cleaner under the hood visibility is increased even more. i love driving them.
1086's all the way! Thats all we farm with and a 786.
I would agree with Tyler the 4020 is one of the more famous JD tractors. However I own a JD 4440 and this past week I ran our neighbors NH TM175. I fell in love with that tractor within the first hour. Every manufacture has their own "prize" winning tractor and everybody has a favorite. I can't say anything for the internationals cause I've never run one but I like the way they look lol
1066 was twice the tractor of a 1086. I HATE the 86. Agreed that they are fairly reliable and easy to work on but I hate the cab. Shifting sucks, i've never been in one where the headliner shit didn't fall into your eyes or mouth, and the a/c craps out all the time. We have a 1586 and a 1486 and I worked for a guy who had 2 1086 and 2 1066 and I'd take a 66 anyday!

As far as the greatest tractor ever. The 4020 or a farmall M would take my vote. Handy size and menuverability. Great chore tractor but at one time they were great field tractors too.
The 1066 is a nice tractor we have 2 of em, but hands down I think the 1086 is a much better tractor. You dont even have to look behind ya when going. You can tell if the disc is too low just buy the sounds the tractor makes. I got a good laugh out of the headliner comment. We replaced one in the 1086 and one in our 2+2. I can relate to the stuff falling out.
John Deere 4450
totally agree the JD 4450

4450 with MFWD powershift is the best loader tractor we've ever had.


jd 4020 gets the vote
White 195 Workhorse.

I WILL own this tractor before I die. Then I'll get a White 4-270.
1086 my ass. T/A's go out like there glass clutchs are a pain in the ass. Cab's were junk a 4240 0r 4440 were much more comfortable and reliable. Have a neighbor that had a 1086 he pulled the same size tillage equipment we pulled with or 4240. He had 6000 plus on it when he traded it and I know it had 2 TA's because I installed them. I also know it had one engine because the first spun a rod around 2000 hours. Our 4240 has 10,300 plus on it as of last weekend it has been retired down to a loader and manure pump tractor(still gets 250 hours a year). Just because our equipment has out grown its horsepower. It has never had the valve cover off or any other major repair. Most major repair was the new seat and cab liner I installed.

But if I had to vote it would be the M farmall with 4020 second.



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