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“Farmers have to be careful not to spend too much time trying to predict the future. Instead, they should focus on positioning for alternate futures that may occur."

2015 Decision Points: Be Strategic

Farmers make dozens of decisions – both large and small – every day. It goes with the territory. Each decision sets in motion a more or less...

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Grassley Lives His Messsage of Thrift, Conservation in D.C.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) earned early recognition in the U.S. Senate for exposing purchases of $400 hammers and other wasteful spending at the Pentagon. After 34 years in the Senate, the new chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee still takes his job of oversight of the Executive Branch of government very seriously.

What most people may not know is that Grassley practices what he preaches on his own farm near New Hartford, Iowa. At a time when financial advisors counsel Midwest…

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GMOs and Monarch Butterflies

Farm groups and food makers are pushing Congress to step into the raucous and expensive squabble over special labels for food made with genetically modified organisms. Most U.S. corn, soybean, and sugar beet crops are grown with GMO seeds, so GMOs are in foods from salad dressing to cereal.

Third-term Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo is the likely House leader of the effort, with a bill to pre-empt states from requiring GMO food labels and to keep labeling voluntary at the federal…

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Cash Rent Tug-of-War

Brace yourself! The tug-of-war over 2015 cash rent rates is a battle of steely nerves. At this point, there isn’t much slack in the rope between high rents and low crop prices.

Nationally, 38.8% of farmers rent land. In Iowa, 55% of farmers lease the land they farm, according to a 2012 Iowa State University report.

Average cash rental rates in Iowa almost doubled over the last decade. The $260 average per-acre rent in 2014 is about a 4% decline from a year earlier.


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